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Meditation to the Creator of All That Is on the 7th Plane by Vianna Stibal, the founder of  ThetaHealing®


This meditation will guide you to the Creator of All That Is on the 7th Plane of existence, so that you can communicate with the Creator/Divine and experience the Creator's unconditional love.

Imagine energy coming up through the bottom of your feet from the center of the Earth and going up out of the top of your head as a beautiful ball of light. You are in this ball of light. Take time to notice what color it is.

Now imagine going up above the Universe.

Now imagine going into the light above the Universe, it's a big beautiful light. Imagine going up through that light, and you'll see another bright light, and another, and another, in fact there are many bright lights. Keep going.

Between the lights there is a little bit of dark light, but this is just a layer before the next light, so keep going.

Finally, there is a great, big bright light. Go through it. When you go through it, you're going to see an energy, a jell-o-like substance, it has all of the colors of the rainbow in it. When you go into it, you see that it changes colors. This is the Laws. You will see all kinds of shapes and colors.

In the distance, there is a white iridescent light, it is a white-blue color, like a pearl. Head for that light.

Avoid the deep blue light because that is the Law of Magnetism.

As you get closer, you may see a mist of pink color. Keep going until you see it. This is the Law of Compassion, it will push you into the special place.

You will see that the pearlescent light is the shape of a rectangle, like a window. This window is really the opening to the Seventh Plane. Now go through it. Go deep within it.

See a deep, whitish glow go through your body. Feel it go through your body. It feels light, but it has essence. You can feel it go through you, as if you no longer feel the separation between your own body and the energy. You become 'All That Is.' Don't worry. Your body will not disappear. It will become perfect and healthy.

Remember, there is just energy here, not people and things. So, if you see people, go higher. It's from this place, that the 'Creator of All That Is' can do healing that will heal instantly and that you can create in all aspects of your life.


When you have finished communicating with the Creator, it is important to ground yourself in your body again. You do this by seeing energy coming up from the center of the earth, through your feet, legs and body, centering in your heart, and centering in your crown, and grounding your body to Mother Earth.

Testimonial -

'I have had two Theta Treatments with Joanne recently and the results have been fabulous. Joanne is very professional, caring and attentive to my concerns and worries.  Firstly, we worked on Resentment. Wow, after the downloads of clearing beliefs, then downloads of positivity I felt like a weight had been lifted. I am full of joy, confidence and so much love. The energy changed between myself and my partner. I had no goals, I was living from day to day, and now we are actually planning a holiday to India.


The second session, we worked on an injury, which occurred when I was 17 years old (I am now 71).  With the help of Joanne I was able to release years of mental and physical pain, resentment around my treatment after the incident, feelings of abandonment and feeling different. Again, after the downloads, Joanne asked 'How is your knee?' My knee felt different, but it wasn't until our session ended, and I started to walk around that I noticed how much freedom of movement, the swelling and tightness had disappeared, plus I am able to walk downstairs with ease. Whilst walking, I am striding out better with no pain. My knee is different. I am extremely grateful, full of joy, happiness and setting goals.


I would recommend anyone to go and have a treatment with Joanne.'

With so much gratitude,

- Christine Passafaro

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