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What is ThetaHealing®?


ThetaHealing® is a powerful healing technique, founded in the 1990s in the USA by a wonderful healer called Vianna Stibal.

ThetaHealing® is a unique healing modality in that it works with the subconscious mind to release negative beliefs from a person, and replaces them with positive beliefs and feelings such as 'I love and trust myself completely' and 'I know what it feels like to have joy, happiness and success in my life.'

ThetaHealing® can help you change old, outdated beliefs that don't serve you anymore, and are just causing problems and negativity in your life. It's not only a way of healing, but also a way of clearing out the old negative baggage and creating a positive life that you want for yourself now and in the future.

By working with the Divine, ThetaHealing® can help you to resolve illness and other issues in your life that may be causing problems for you. It's a way of clearing the beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward with your life in a more positive way, so that you can enjoy the present moment and create the future you desire.

ThetaHealing® can help you in all areas of your life including health, relationships, finances, career, spirituality, and creative abilities. Through this awesome healing technique, you can create peace, harmony and success in all areas of your life.

Health and happiness are your natural state of being, yet many people are searching for both. The reason why you may not be manifesting the life you desire, may be because you hold a subconscious belief, such as 'I always fail' or 'I don't deserve success.' With ThetaHealing® you can change these negative beliefs into positive ones and create a more positive life for yourself.

ThetaHealing® can help you create true harmony, and achieve your goals for well-being, happiness, love, finances, and work. Just one session can help you change a lifetime of discontent and open the doors to a whole new joyful experience.

Testimonial -

'Jo is a warm hearted and intuitive Theta Healing practitioner who is professional and can keep confidences. I wholeheartedly recommend both Jo and Theta Healing as a modality for well-being. I have found in my sessions Theta Healing gets to my bottom limiting belief within a session and then I have choice of changing the trajectory that I am on!! Amazing to have more conscious choice. I've been able to move forward quicker and accept abundance, joy, and freedom in my life now, it's truly liberating.'

- Sue Theta Healing

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